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Piraeus Bank / Some words are meant to be experienced


This brief for Miles & More World Mastercard® by Piraeus Bank called for a campaign which promoted a competition that gifted 25.000 miles to 200 new credit card owners. This amount of miles would allow each winner to travel to their next destination abroad.

Traveling is a great adventure, a way to get to know different countries, with different cultures. The language is a true sign of that culture, so that’s where we focused on. After research, we found words that only exist in one country and these words’ meanings, which cover a spectrum from warm and funny to adventurous and mysterious, gave us the perfect vehicle to carry our key message: Even though we can’t easily translate these words in another language, with 25.000 free miles, the new credit card owners will have a very good chance of traveling to the words’ origin countries and experiencing their true meanings on their own.