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Nescafé / More Summer


In Greece, summer is not just a season. It’s a way of life. Full of partying, night swimming and hanging out until the morning. But how can someone stay up all night and still be able to seize the next day? Nescafé Frappé, Greece’s favourite coffee beverage, gives the perfect answer to this question with a campaign that urges us to “enjoy more summer” without a care in the world.

Because in the morning after, Nescafé Frappé will be there to start the world with us. With a TV commercial that was shot in the Athenian streets, in beautiful greek beaches and in urban rooftops, we added one more part to the successful “everyday we start the world” communication of the Nescafé brand. And along with clever printed ads, we showed everyone that Nescafé owns the morning territory.