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Lacta / The Taste of Love


Lacta chocolate, always a symbol for love in Greece, wanted to convey that without love, life is tasteless. A feature film titled "The Taste of Love" told the story of a lonely man, living in the future with an AI robot, that satisfies his every wish until she's updated with "Artificial Emotions" and wants to find out what love is...

A teaser campaign on YouTube used real-time data, in order to present ELLi as the robot that knows everything, except what love is. At thetasteoflove.gr users could help ELLi learn, by submitting a photo that captured love for them. Using AI & Machine Learning, photos were analyzed and positioned on a 3D map, letting users dive into ELLi's mind and see what she was learning in real time.

The film's release on Valentine's Day made Lacta's YouTube channel the most popular in Greece and helped Lacta chocolate reach its biggest market share in the last 3 years. 


3 Shortlist Cannes Lions 2018

No 1 on YouTube's Ads Leaderboard, Greece 2018