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Cosmote / ROBOGIRL


Cosmote wanted to promote its active support of Educational Robotics and promote its sponsorship of the Greek Educational Robotics Competition while overcoming the prejudice that Robotics is only for boys and geeks.

A 50-minute family comedy film was created, titled "ROBOGIRL," that told the story of a young girl who although doesn't have a clue about science and math, has to sign up for a robotics class, when she accidentally breaks her A-student brother's robot, in order to fix it.

The film became an unprecedented success during Christmas 2018, with more than 4.5M views on YouTube in a country of 7M users, remaining at the top-10 of trending videos for more than two weeks and getting more than 50.000 likes and rave reviews by critics and audiences alike. "ROBOGIRL" eventually became the number 1 video on YouTube's Ad Leaderboard for Greece in 2019 and more importantly, it managed to increase participation at the Robotics Competition, by 60%. 


Silver - LIA - Branded Entertainment

No 1 - YouTube Ads Leaderboard - Greece 2019

4 Ermis Awards

1 Silver, 2 Bronze, Effie Awards Hellas 2020