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AXA - Ase Tis Vlakies


We created a "different" awareness programme for AXA Greece that highlights the importance of prevention. We humorously projected the "stupid actions" we all make every day, consciously or subconsciously, that result in money loss, health issues or even in the loss of our own lives.

So, by using a Greek daily expression, the first online shop for “stupid things” was born and it goes by the name: www.asetisvlakeies.gr (“don’t be silly”.gr)

To this end, we joined forces with the top beloved Greek actor Lefteris Eleftheriou, who expressed in his own unique way the "stupid things" we all do.

By discovering which “stupid thing” they do every day, hundreds of thousands of users recognized themselves in these “stupid behaviours” and were sensitized and shared it with their friends.

So, what stupid thing did you do today?

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