COSMOTE - Volunteers in Action and Christmas @ΚΥΑDΑ (Shelter and Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens)

In December of 2012, Cosmote, in collaboration with OgilvyAction and as part of "Our world is you" and the "Solidarity for the Family Program ", realised a two day volunteering and caring event for the 200 families that have been included in the program.


OgilvyAction was responsible for the organization, the materialization and the coordination of the whole event.

The KYADA (Shelter and Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens) building, in the Makrigianni area, was transformed into a Christmas workshop full of joy and love and greeted all the volunteers with a festive spirit.

The volunteer’ s response was overwhelming and touching. 160 people came together, like a group of friends and helped create Christmas ornaments, presents and sweets.

For organization purposes, the volunteers were divided in teams, with their own distinct color aprons and their own distinct work detail, given to them by their group leaders. 

At the end, 200 big Christmas packets were made (for 200 families) and memorabilia, gifts and pictures, were given to everyone.

We sincerely thank all the volunteers that helped us make the world a better place!