3rd Activation COSMOTE: Supporting the remote areas (Samothraki)

"I would like to make the people of the forgotten place of Samothraki, smile more!" Dimitra's dream, lead COSMOTE in cooperation with OgilvyAction to the remote land of Samothraki.The municipality's help was really valuable as they gave us the "Cultural Center" of Samothraki to work with. We renovated the building so it could house the actions and events that would put a smile on everyone’s face.

OgilvyAction, was responsible for the organization, the coordination and the implementation of all the activities as well as the opening ceremony.

A new library, filled with books and games.

A video projection hall.

A fully equipped gym.

A room with brand new computers and free internet access.

A multi-purpose hall.

An outdoor playground.

The opening ceremony took place on the 3rd of March and the new "Cultural Center" started operating with a series of happenings that OgilvyAction organized.

More specifically the following happenings/activities took place:

§ Chess learning workshop

§ Pottery class

§ Story telling for little kids

§ Computer Class

§ Clown-animateur that entertained all

You wanted us to support remote areas. Done!


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