Quality Policy


It is the vision of Management that Bold Ogilvy & Mather remains the Thought Leader of the advertising industry.

Our objectives:

  • Practicing creative differentiation that establishes strong brands
  • Peering deep into the communication needs of the client
  • Rendering services with ethos and honesty
  • Maintaining an outstanding creative atmosphere in the firm, with meritocracy
  • Setting high professional standards for all our people
  • Improving the quality of our services using formal procedures and maintaining an effective Quality Management System

To achieve the above, BO&M’s Management and Employees are committed to the following principles:

  • The implementation of innovative and revolutionary ideas that offer the client genuine communication advantages over the competition in brand promotion
  • The creation of advertising content that stimulates and attracts the attention of shoppers
  • The continuing appraisal of personnel and improvement of knowledge and know-how
  • The choice of suitable, reliable partners that satisfy the specifications set by the firm and the client
  • The continued monitoring and observance of current legislation
  • The continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System

The Managing Director
T. Cotionis



With the development of the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001: 2004 Standard, Bold Ogilvy & Mather S.A recognizes its responsibilities and obligations towards the environment and humankind and is committed:

  • to continuously improve its environmental performance
  • to prevent pollution
  • to comply with environmental legislation and
  • to comply with all the requirements arising from its licensed operation.


With the development of the Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 regarding:

  • The provision of advertising services

the company identifies all environmental aspects related to its activities and develops procedures and programs to continually improve its environmental performance. The company's environmental policy focuses on:

  • The management of solid waste, giving priority to its separate collection and recycling
  • The continuous updating of Top Management and personnel on environmental issues
  • Energy and water saving with the development of a monitoring system for natural resources consumption
  • The implementation of training programs for personnel awareness

This Environmental Policy is published, communicated, implemented and supported by every employee in the company.

The Managing Director
T. Cotionis


Information Security is of paramount importance for Bold Ogilvy & Mather S.A, in order to:

  • Ensure the secure storage, processing and transmission of information related to the advertising services
  • Ensure full compliance of the company with the relevant laws and regulations
  • Protect the interests of the company and of the parties that are cooperating with the company and trust it for the use and the transmission of their data
  • Ensure the availability, the integrity and the confidentiality of information that are produced, received and transmitted within the scope of company’s services
  • Maximize the reliability of the company’s IT resources.

The application of Information Security Policies and Procedures aims at:

  • The protection of the IT resources and the data transmitted during company’s services from any possible threat, internal or external, deliberate or accidental.
  • Systematic assessment and evaluation of risks related to Information Security, aiming at effective and immediate handling,
  • Secure procedures for development and maintenance of applications and IT services
  • Data backup, protection against viruses and external intrusions, access control in information systems, recording of security incidents and management of unexpected developments
  • Continuous briefing of company’s Management and personnel on issues related to information security
  • Control of transmitted and exchanged information and data
  • Immediate and effective management of security incidents and breaches
  • Commitment of company’s Management on the application of Information Security Policies and the compliance with all national and international legislation.

The Management and employees of Bold Ogilvy & Mather S.A are committed on achieving company’s targets, continuous improvement of the System and meeting of the principles and requirements related to the Information Security