Quality Policy

Information Security is of paramount importance for Bold Ogilvy & Mather S.A, in order to:

  • Ensure the secure storage, processing and transmission of information related to the advertising services
  • Ensure full compliance of the company with the relevant laws and regulations
  • Protect the interests of the company and of the parties that are cooperating with the company and trust it for the use and the transmission of their data
  • Ensure the availability, the integrity and the confidentiality of information that are produced, received and transmitted within the scope of company’s services
  • Maximize the reliability of the company’s IT resources.

The application of Information Security Policies and Procedures aims at:

  • The protection of the IT resources and the data transmitted during company’s services from any possible threat, internal or external, deliberate or accidental.
  • Systematic assessment and evaluation of risks related to Information Security, aiming at effective and immediate handling,
  • Secure procedures for development and maintenance of applications and IT services
  • Data backup, protection against viruses and external intrusions, access control in information systems, recording of security incidents and management of unexpected developments
  • Continuous briefing of company’s Management and personnel on issues related to information security
  • Control of transmitted and exchanged information and data
  • Immediate and effective management of security incidents and breaches
  • Commitment of company’s Management on the application of Information Security Policies and the compliance with all national and international legislation.

The Management and employees of Bold Ogilvy & Mather S.A are committed on achieving company’s targets, continuous improvement of the System and meeting of the principles and requirements related to the Information Security