Corporate Social Responsibility

In a speech David Ogilvy made to his company staff in the 1960s, he listed specific behaviors that he admired in his employees. Among the behaviors he praised was community involvement. He said:

''We admire people who are good citizens in their communities - people who work for their local hospitals, their church, the PTA, the Community Chest and so on.''

Ogilvy has a long-standing history of giving back to the community. Our culture provides an environment that allows grassroots movements to flourish when a few employees get together with a passionate vision in mind.

Even though Bold Ogilvy, as a member of the Ogilvy network, supports many organizations with its philanthropy, it is the gift of our biggest asset – the big ideas and the people who create them – which we are most proud of.

We produce many pro bono campaigns for good causes every year. This work is worth more than a cash donation. These pro bono efforts help charities recruit new members, create public awareness, and further their campaigns.

Here are a few examples:

  • Theotokos Foundation : "Carpenter"
  • Theotokos Foundation : "Kitchen"
  • Mediterranean S.O.S.: “Nursery”
  • Mediterranean S.O.S.: “Derbis”
  • International Amnesty: “Exceptions”
  • International Amnesty: “Pharmacy”
  • International Amnesty: “Real Estate Broker”
  • International Amnesty: “Super Market”
  • International Amnesty: “Death Penalty”
  • International Amnesty: “Sexual & Reproductive Rights”
  • International Amnesty: “Freedom of Expression”
  • Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation : “Clean up after your dog”
  • TEDxAthens 2010 : "BeatBox"
  • TEDxAthens 2011 : "The Art of Disruption"
  • TEDxYouthDay : "Life Beyond Stereotypes" 
  • Cyber Crime Police : "Poker"
  • Coca Cola Special Olympics : "Relay Race"