Sons of Anarchy by FX and Asset Ogilvy

Asset Ogilvy designed and implemented a unique rock party on behalf of the pay-TV channel FX, based on the spirit of the TV show 'Sons of Anarchy' (aired though Conn-X and Nova).

Yard Productions undertook the production of this special event.

The party was held at the rock bar Intrepid Fox, at Gazi, and all invitees had the chance to enjoy a unique happening, which “carried” them to the atmosphere of the Golden Globe awarded show, Sons of Anarchy.

The action, the road, the motorbikes, the lifestyle and the relationships between the series protagonists were all uniquely imprinted at the event, which was inspired by rock aesthetics, thanks to Harley Davidson motorbikes, the live tattoo session of the series logo, and the surprise concert by the award-winning group Cyanna.

The representatives of the Harley Club Greece transferred the pulse and the rock feeling to all invitees, who stayed at the party until the end.