Pavlides Bitter Chocolate Museum

Asset Ogilvy designed and implemented the “Pavlides Bitter Chocolate Museum”, so as to celebrate the 150 years anniversary of the Greek chocolate “Pavlides Bitter”.

Asset Ogilvy realized the project from the development of the concept to its actual implementation and from the Museum’s inauguration ceremony to an extended Media Relations and publicity program.

On January 29th and 30th of 2011, more than 16.500 young and adult friends of Pavlides Bitter chocolate, became part of a unique experience, at a Museum that differed a lot from the others – the “Pavlides Bitter Chocolate Museum”, which functioned under the auspice of the Municipality of Athens. Within the Museum, all visitors had the chance to “travel through time” and get to know the story of the famous chocolate, from 1861 up to today, learning various details about the functionality of the production line at the Pavlides Plant. In addition, everyone could vote for their favorite design of Pavlides Bitter chocolate pack, created by students of the Vakalo Arts & Design School and of course taste the beloved Pavlides Bitter Chocolate. At the same time, the young visitors were invited to take part in educational programs, which were designed and implemented by the Hellenic Childrens’ Museum. A special shop was also set up within the premises of the Museum. This shop offered various memorabilia and gifts, while all its profits were given to the NGO “Anoixti Agalia”. The concept was developed in collaboration with the production company “Yard Productions”, who undertook the production of the event.

According to Mr. L. Chaloulakos, General Manager of Kraft Foods Hellas:
“The anniversary of the 150 years of Pavlides Bitter Chocolate is a great opportunity for us to give back to our customers part of the love and the trust they have been giving us through all these years. We started the celebrations with the Pavlides Bitter Chocolate Museum, aiming to offer a unique experience to all visitors: to live, to be informed, to taste, to take part and to have fun with Pavlides Bitter chocolate! We must thank Asset Ogilvy and our partners for their contribution to the development of Pavlides Bitter Chocolate Museum!”.

The Managing Director of Asset Ogilvy, Mr. Vassilios Daskalopoulos, stated:
“Pavlides Bitter Chocolate Museum is a great proof that, even in times of crisis, brands with values are the recipients of a strong response, on behalf of the consumers and the society in general. We want to thank Kraft Foods Hellas, who, once again, trusted us and all our partners in this collective effort”.