Asset Ogilvy Public Relations for Friskies® “RUN with your DOG 4”

The 4th dog-run for dog owners and their pets, named “RUN with your DOG”, was designed and implemented by Asset Ogilvy Public Relations, on behalf of Friskies®, on Sunday, October 1st, on the occasion of World Animal Day, at Alsos Ethnikis Trapezis in Filothei.

The aim of this innovative, amusing and pet-friendly event was to highlight the special bond between the owners and their dogs, as well as to support the important work of the Greek Animal-Welfare, by offering 20 meals of Friskies® for every participation. 

The participations of the 4th “RUN with your DOG” by Friskies® have exceeded all expectations, resulting in 1,000 kg of dog-food, which will be offered to the Greek Animal-Welfare!

Hundreds of dog owners run along with their dogs, while families with their children participated in special “family runs”. Gold, silver and bronze winners won Friskies® for a whole year, 6 months and 3 months accordingly, while every participant received diplomas in order to remember the 4th “Run with your DOG”. Kids and adults had the opportunity to get informed on issues such as “First Aid for Dogs”, “Body Language and harmonic living with the Dog”, “The benefits of living with a Dog”, as well as “Safe Dog Transport”, through specialized speeches and "All you need to know" seminars.

“RUN with your DOG” is now a running movement, gathering even greater amounts of food each year for stray dogs in need.

The production was conducted in collaboration with Foss Productions.